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It is a given that if you surround yourself and your life with negativity, you will end up in a bad place. Make time in your free time to do things that make you happy personally. This can be a hobby, reading, sports or exercise. Anything that can be focused on and enjoyed by you is a good distraction from negativity. If you are too focused on aspects of your life that do not promote happiness and positive thinking, those things will end up controlling your life.

How exactly do you achieve that, though? Should you include ‘positive mental attitude’ as a requirement on your next job advert? More often than not, it’s something that can be weeded out at interview stage. How do your potential employees respond to small talk in an interview? Are their responses generally positive or negative? You can gain a good picture of someone’s attitude to life in the way they talk about even the most mundane of experiences. However you go about it, watch out for a positive attitude and steer clear from any negativity you come across. Add it to your tick list next time you’re interviewing for a post.

This comment inspired me to write this piece because it highlights an important motivational lesson. No one is 100% positive all the time. The key to success lies not in avoiding negative thoughts, but in what action you take in those negative moments.

Attitude - Turn Into StoneAttitude - Turn Into StoneAttitude - Turn Into StoneAttitude - Turn Into Stone